How do I return things that didn't suit me?

How do I return things that didn't suit me?
How do I return items?
The customer is obliged to return the items purchased in the condition and quality as delivered to him within 14 days from the date of delivery. The item should not be used, the style and shape should not have changed and the color should not be lost. Failure to follow these rules will not confirm your return. Keep in mind items purchased online cannot be returned to stores.

Return process (termination of the contract) from the buyer:

You must fill in the return information on the demolition invoice you received with the order. If you have lost your return form, you can download it from our website. You must create a return request from your personal page: My Account> My Orders> Order> Return Request. Please note that filling out a refund request will result in an online deduction when refunding.

The buyer must complete the return form, and the buyer must return the receipt he received at the time of purchase.

You can return the returned item (s) free of charge to our return address: Elsivikiki Ge Ltd, Tbilisi, Georgia, Chirnakhuli Street 9, 0151. Our service courier companies are: https://onway.ge/ (in case of cash settlement and card) and ICS (icsgeorgia.ge) (only in case of card settlement) Tel: +995322910220. You can make a request to return the goods on the website or contact the Ics-courier. courier will come to your address and pick up the returned item (s) , With your refund invoice. Or you can visit the nearest office of our courier company, deliver the item (s) with the return invoice, they will bring your item (s) to our warehouse. method of payment: Refund to the account where the payment was made at the time of purchase. The return process is fully automated.

We have received your sent items. We will check them according to the return rules, if they are in the appropriate form we will refund you. Detailed information on return conditions can be found in 8 points. If you have any problems with the card (lost, stolen or damaged) let us know, we will help you with your refund.

Return conditions:

If you return items through our courier company, the return cost will be reimbursed by LC Waikiki. If you return items through another courier company, the return cost will be reimbursed by the customer. Items can be returned under the following conditions: The item must be stored in its original form (it must have a label attached to it). The item should not show any signs of wear The return period is defined as 14 days from the date of receipt; Return items must be accompanied by a return form invoice and purchase receipt. Items that do not return due to hygiene policy: Underwear, swimwear and socks. Items purchased online are not returned to stores.